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Empress Organics Feminine Wash

Empress Organics Feminine Wash is a Gentle wash made with organic aloe, lavender, tea tree & coconut oil. Our gentle formula eliminate odor and bad bacteria while leaving you fresh & clean.

Boost your confidence with every shower using Empress Organics Feminine wash. It's odor block protection formula made with organic ingredients, helps prevent odors while keeping your PH balanced. Our feminine wash is made without harsh chemicals and has anti fungal properties that reduce infection symptoms. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Empress Organics Feminine Spray

Empress Organics Feminine spray gives you a boost of confidence that will work all day long. Our cleansing spray is made with organic aloe and pure essential oils that soothes, eliminates bad odor and keep bad bacteria away. Empress Organics feminine spray absorbs moisture and neutralize odors while keeping you fresh and your PH balanced. This feminine spray is made without harsh chemicals and has anti fungal properties that reduce infection symptoms and discomfort caused by Bacteria Vaginosis or Yeast Infections. Our feminine spray penetrates deep into the skin killing odor causing bacteria while leaving you fresh and clean.

Yoni Detox Pearls

Empress Organics Yoni Detox Pearls help provide vaginal tightening and less vaginal dryness, they also prevent Bacterial Vaginosis & Yeast infections. Yoni Detox pearls are a holistic organic approach to restore feminine health and confidence. Detox pearls are used to help improve a variety of conditions including: yeast infections, bacterial infections, infertility, fibroids, heavy/ irregular menstruation, vaginal odor, endometriosis, vaginal dryness, pelvic inflammatory disease, urine incontinence, genital itching, and expel fluid build ups that are not expelled during the menstrual cycle that can cause cysts and fibroids. Many women also report improved vaginal tightness and an enhanced sex life having used these products.

Menstrual Cups

Our revolutionary Menstrual Cup gives you the most user-friendly and effective feminine hygiene experience imaginable. Soft and reusable, the cup is simple to insert, simple to clean, and safe for your body. Non-drying medical grade silicone shapes to your body for a leak-proof seal and comfortable fit for all ages and sizes.

A menstrual cup is a type of feminine hygiene product which is made of flexible medical grade silicone, worn inside the vagina during menstruation to catch menstrual fluid (blood containing uterine lining). Menstrual cups are shaped like a bell with a stem. Every 4–12 hours (depending on the design and the amount of flow), a cup needs to be removed and emptied, then washed and reinserted. Once a month menstrual cups should be sterilized, usually by boiling in water. Manufacturers have different recommendations for when to replace menstrual cups, but in general they can be reused for five years or more.

Sanitary Pads

Organic Cloth Reusable Sanitary Pads

Probiotics & Vitamins

Probiotic means “for life” and brings friendly bacteria into the body to promote a healthy environment. These friendly bacteria make up part of the vaginal flora. Since the body has limited resources to sustain good and bad bacteria, it is important to promote healthy bacteria to help keep other bacteria from flourishing. By boosting the healthy flora, probiotics promote the body’s normal, healthy functioning.

Probiotics may be used to promote a healthy environment in various parts of the human body including the digestive system, urinary tract, and vagina. In each of these environments, friendly bacteria keep bad bacteria from flourishing. Probiotics in the vagina, primarily Lactobacillus strains, act as a defensive force by colonizing the vaginal tract, stopping pathogenic microorganisms from setting up base.

Yoni Eggs

Empress Organics offers the most authentic yoni eggs and wands of the finest semi-precious quality. Due to the nature of certain stones, the color and look of your eggs may vary from those in the pictures.

What is a yoni? The vagina is called yoni in Sanskrit and loosely translates to "a sacred space." In Tantra philosophy, we approach the vagina from a place of the utmost love and respect. Yoni refers to the entire female reproductive system, including the vagina, womb, ovaries.

What is a yoni egg? A yoni egg is an egg-shaped stone or crystal used to insert inside the vagina to strengthen and tone the entire pelvic region – the pelvic floor muscles, the lower abdomen, the urogenital diaphragms and even the lower back. It works as a weight resistance tool to use while doing your “Kegel exercises”, which are pelvic floor pulses or contractions all women should do, especially after childbirth. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to using your yoni egg:

  • Strengthen & tighten vaginal walls and increase sensitivity during intercourse.
  • It also awakens the tissues, organs, and muscles, promotes new nerve growth, increases libido, and overall sensitivity. This will allow you to experience pleasure you didn’t even know was possible.
  • Gain control of the perineum and all groups of pelvic floor muscles making sex more pleasurable for you and your spouse.
  • Give a lot more pleasure to your man and help him with ejaculation control. Become A LOT more orgasmic.
  • Easier childbirth with less tearing of the tissue. If you have already given birth, this practice will help repair damaged nerve endings and speed your body’s recovery.
  • Reduce PMS, menstrual cramps, breast discomfort.
  • Reduce menopausal symptoms, by increasing vaginal lubrication and balancing estrogen levels.
  • Harmonize your emotions and heal your relationship to intimacy and sexuality
  • Overcome some fertility issues.

Gemstone Gift Sets

Crystals heal holistically, they work on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels of being. Like the energy that emits from each part of our body, stones emit energy as well. Gemstones and crystals have been used for thousands of years for their physical and spiritual healing attributes. The body itself draws in energy from its surroundings and certain stones' energies can help improve your moods, your health and even your mental and spiritual wellbeing. Stones and crystals generate and store electromagnetic energy, the very same energy our body absorbs sending its attributes throughout our bodies. By bringing the chakras back into balance, many physical and mental problems can be eliminated. When healing and balancing the chakras, an appropriate stone is placed on Chakra - on the front or back of the body. Stones can be placed on all chakras, or above the head and below the feet to perform certain task.

  • Higher Crown Chakra
  • Crown Chakra
  • Third Eye Chakra
  • Throat Chakra
  • Higher Heart Chakra
  • Heart Chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra
  • Base Chakra
  • Earth Chakra


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